Omnichannel communication

Stay in touch with your customers. Give advice, sell products or simply provide help when a problem arises. Assistify supports different channels such as livechat, SMS, apps, Facebook, and more. Is your potential request volume too high? No problem! You can easily integrate your custom bot to provide additional support.

Overcome language barrier

Are you interacting with people globally? Great! Our automatic translation service will empower you to communicate with the whole world! Assistify users write and read in their native language – that’s pretty simple communication!


Boost your team’s productivity by using chat-ops. Abolish e-mails and start using channels for different topics. You can also integrate your IT systems into the chat feature. Be notified when something happens in your IT system and react immediately. Our system is very flexible, thus enabling you to implement your business process directly in Assistify.

Chat + Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, we have developed several AI-based applications, ranging from basic FAQ bots through to a sophisticated knowledge base that helps Customer Support Agents daily.We have also classified e-mail and chat communication. Do you need to automate your communication processes? If so, we can find a solution for you.

How automatic translation works

Our happy customers


Group Chat

It doesn’t matter who you want to talk to! Invite colleagues, business partners or customers – everyone is able to access your platform!


Have you lost contact with your customer? No problem! We offer tools to provide real-time support. The chat feature is essential for customer communication today!

AI-based translaion

Our AI-based translation service empowers you to talk to the whole world. Read and write to others in your preferred language.


Does your daily work rely on you having up-to-date information from your tools and services? Integrate your workplace into Assistify and always have the latest info.


Keep calm in stressful situations. Your custom bot will join your team and automate recurring tasks.

Knowledge Management

Are you looking for past information? Search your team’s message history and utilize past knowledge to solve today’s issues.


Curious? Get in contact with us! Either by e-mail or directly with our live chat, here on the site!